CRINGE!!!!!!!!11!! Fandom Zone!!!!!

anyone who added to this page is cringe lol!!!!!!!!!!!! certified CRINGE ZONE!!!!! youre cringe too!!!! im cringe!!!! CR IN GE!!!!!!!!!!111

but WhY iS it sOo CRINGE??????? i hear you cry, like a little bitch. wHere does the cringe COME FROM??!//?

it comes from US, the WEBMASTERS, because THIS IS THE FANDOM HOLE, where reputations and dreams go to die.

people come from far and wide to make others witness their cringe shit on this blessed site.

often, these people are driven to the point of MADNESS, because no one will ever just FUCKING ASK THEM ABOUT MOON KNIGHT, IS THAT SO G-D DAMN HARD? not even the VOICES in my FUCKING HEAD will ASK ME A SINGLE MOTHER FUCKING QUESTION ABOUT MOON KNIGHT

anyway, as it turns out, while those who claim to love us may refuse to listen to us talk about this stuff for 6-8 hours, the internet can't fucking stop us. Also, if you're here, you're autistic, bored, a fandom creature, and/or one of my girlfriends (hi babe, love you :3) which means you're much more likely to stay and read our shit.

so, here it is!!! i hope you're ready!!!! CRINGE TIME!!!!!!!

enter one of the fan portals :3

Moon Knight

MOON KNIGHT is a Marvel (anti)hero, D-lister, and a DID system of ~3 alters.

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