it was a normal night, like all other normal nights. except... it wasn't!!!! it was halloween !!!! and on friday the 13th as well!! so that made the night double spooky.
jack from jack aric comic and aric from jack aric comic were getting ready to watch a spooky movie for the night.
"but what about the kiddies going trick or treeting?" aric sed.
"meh we should just put a take one bowl, idrc lol" replied jack.
">:(" sed aric.
"ok whatever, im going 2 make some spooky cookies... call that spookies" aric stated, taking out ingredients for spookies. he mixed the ingredients, until..! it became a spooky dough!
"hey do we have choclat chips?" asked aric.
"hmmmm idk check the cabinets"
"ok" aric sed, opening the cabinets for some chocolate chips...
unbeknownst to them, an asteroid was hurtling towards their house!!!!! and then suddenly, KABOOM!!!!! it crashed through the window and landed into the bowl of cookie dough!!!!!
"wuz that u?" jack askd, completely unknowing of wut had happened. aric stared at the asteroid in shock. it was glowing purple and emitting a lot of heat, and leaking some sort of radioactive liquid.
"uhhh yea i just dropped something"
aric considered his options. welll he didnt have enough ingredients to make another batch, and what was the worst that could happen...... "oh well" he thought in his mind "itll probably add flavor anywways"
so aric mixed in the asteroid into the dough, and when it looked mixed enough he scooped the dough into ballz and put them in the oven for bakin. now he didn't have to use chocolat chips!!! genius!!!!

sum time l8r..... clickclickclickDING!

"yey!" aric sed as he took the cookies out of the oven. they had become purple and gave off a slight somewhat ominous purple glow. that shoul'dnt be too bad!
"yum yum cookies, im starvin" said jack from the living room. "now come over here so we can eat cookies and watch REAL scary movies like spookley the square pumpkin"
aric yeeped. "that name alone is giving me the heebie jeebies..."
jack tee-heed. "aww dont be scared. stuff like that isnt real... its just storys made up by the gubbermint to distract you from dismantling the cia...! ^^" jack scooted over to give aric space on the couch, patting the empty space with his hand.
aric sat down on the couch with a bowl of poopcorn.
"...hey! >:o" jack >:o'd. "where the cookies at!!??"
"oh, i gotta let them cool" aric said "i thot u knew that silly"
"oh :(" jack :('d. "youre cookies are yummy though... i want to eat them right meow.." he crossed his arms very grumpily. grr.
aric rolled hes eyes. "ok fine, if u wanna eat them so bad then lemme go get them *rolls eyes emojji*"
so aric got up and headed over to the kitchen. but to his surprise... THE COOKIES WERE GONE!!! aric D:'d.
"uhm.... jack....." he said nervousely.... "the cookies are gone...."
"wtf.." said jack... "wtf happened to them?!?!?!!!!!!" he got up from the couch and cartwheeled into the kitchen.
"ii-i-i-i-i---i-i-i-i- dd-d--d--d--d-d-d-on't kn-n-n-n--n-n-n-n--nkn-nk----ow--w-w-........." spootered aric. "they were gone when i got here, my cookies.... my darling baby cookies.... my firstborn...wbwbw"
jack raised his eyebrow like this: ',:\ "hmm. how do i know youre not lying and you ate all of them," he questioned quizzically, poking aric in the side. "its not like they.... they... they grew legs and walked away!!!!!"
aric looked at jack with the big sopping wet lawn sprinkler eyes. "look at me in da eyes and tell me im lying," he geeped.... "they could have..." then his face shrunk. "it might have been that stuff i put in them," he muttered under his breath.
jack rasied his eyebrow again like this but angrier: `,:\ "what shtuff?"
"ermm......" aric glorped. "nothing, nothing at all.... nothing fell from the sky and landed in the cookie dough..." hes eyes darted everywhere but jack. "nope nope a glowing pruple asteroid did not fall into the cookie dough at all. and i Did Not make cookies from it."
jack was angry now. he looked like dis: >:( "what the slammacow bro!!! why did you do that!!!"
"i dont know webee" aric webee'd, "i didnt have enuff to make anther batch of cookys and i know you wanted to have cookies... so i did what i had too...."
"grr!!!" jack grr'ed. aric :('d. "oh wheel....." he seid.... "welp looks like we have to find these buggers."

"uhrm." aric looked around like a boblox character. "well... i guess the first place they coulda gone is... is...the drawers!" he exclamationed, before frantically opening the kitchen drawers. jack did the same too.
"aha!!!!!!!!!" aric jeebed, yoinking out a cookie by one of the spider legs it had grown. "yech..... hey you wonder if u can still eat them" he said. "wtf" jack said, "no" but before he could stop him, aric had om-nommed the alien cookie. he crunched it a bit in his mouth before swallowing. "tastes like crab kind of," said aric, "weird"
"oh ew im allerggic to crab" jack sed as he made a yuck face. "more for me >:D" aric said. "now lets catch more spooky cookies. call those spookies"
"urmmm ok"
so look they did, behind kitchen appliances, under the sink, in the pantry. they found 3 more cookies, aric happily om-nomming all of them
"ermm" ermm'ed jack. "how many cookys did u make..........?"
aric blushied. "ormmmmm..... i dunno...... probably 2 dozen or somefink.... it was a lot of cooky..." points finger to his face and lifts his foot up like a girl or something idk
"what the fart!!!!!!!!!" kaboomed jack. "youre seriously not gonna eat them all right?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!"
"but... but then id have to let them go waste :(" aric boo-hood. jack rolled hes eyes. "ok vatevar... eyeroll."
"hey theres no more cookies left here..." aric said. "which means... OH NO!!!!" he D:'d. "WE GOTTA FIND THEM BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!" "too late to what" jack asked. "too late to save the children tricker treeting......"
jack hawhawed. "lmao thats kind of funny"
"ermm whatevar," aricc scoffed. "now lets find the rest of the 20 other cookies before-"

then suddenly..... KABOOM!!!!! a pile of the alien cookies feel from the ceiling. "oh look," aric said , "look theyre all here. that was kind of easier than i expected lol." "the fuckig cealing.." jack sobbed... "now we gotta hire contractors"
aric was too busy looking at the cookie spider things. "hey..." he hey'd, looking at the cookies closer. they were climbing on top each other, glowing purple and making weird skittery noises. were they.... voltroning??? (as in beocoming big creacher).
"holy shit yea, theyre becoming big cookie creacher...!!!!1" jack jacked. "what the flip do we do now!!!!"
"i-i-i-i-i i dont know....." aric ariced, staring in horror at the growing blob of purple cookie. spider crabby like legs sprouted out of the blob, hissing at the jack aric.
"ew yucky" said aric making the bleh :p face

the cookie spider thing, which seemed to take an offense at that, hissed again and starting crawling towards aric.
aric then proceeded to screeach very loudly and scramble away from the creature. so did jack because no way jose was he gonna stay there.
they skedaddled all the way to arics bedroom, locking the door and pushing arics dresser in front of the door.
"yikes on bikes" aric gleebungused as they heard the spider cookie scratch and pound on the other side of the door. "what is up with this dude, dude??" sed aric, pushing more stuff in front of tha door. "jak help me with this... jak... jak???" aric turned around to find his best bud jack rummaging behind arics bed, pulling out a baseball bat.
"how did u know i had a baseball bat there" said aric making a face like this :|
"i know a lot more than you think" said jack
"o...kay" sed aric, before looking for things he could bash the cookie creature with. "aha!" he exclaimationed when he found a wooden board with nails on it! not sure why he has a wooden board with nails on it but i do so i think its a normal thing. "perfecto"
"ok so.... wuts the plan...." asked jak. "idk lmao" replyd aric "i was just thinking we should bash it to death or somefink" "sounds good then." jack nodded. aric nodded. they both nodded. besties

"ok so.... im gonna push all this stuff out of the door... then im gonna open the door and then we SMASH THIS THINGY WITH OUR BLUDGEONING WEAPONS!"

and then... and then, and then, then..... aric slid the dresser away from the door. "okay when i say 3... we open this door and we start BASHING THE CREATURE!"
"one.... two.... THREE" *he opens the doore*
"GRAHHH BASHBASH BASH" screemed jack, swinging the baseball bat.
"gaw dam dont hit me!!!!" sed aric, smacking the cooky creacher with his nail board. the creacher screached (rhyme somewhat?) and tried to skitter away from jack aric.
"GRAHHH" jack grahh'ed, "WE GONNA SMASH YOU WITH HAMMERS" he said as he grabbed like 15 hammers from the conveniently placed hammer box. he began bonking the thing with hammbers. "aw hell yea" sayed aric, "hammers"

slowly but surely the big cookie was getting weaker! yay! it screeched in pain before it started to glow a bright purple.
"wuh oh," sayed aric "that doesnt look very g
then suddenly the spider cookie whatever thing exploded, caving it on itself from the blunt trauma inflicted on it by the jack and the aric. gooey purple goo coated them and their surroundings, behind them making a

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