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glass beach anon back again. i've got two swords and i'm gonna kick your ass (remix)
havent listend to the whole albnum yet for like no reason but its pretty scrumptious
absolutely no bad song on this album... i remember the first time i listened to this album.. it was on a road trip to west texas. i had just got the album on cd. school was going to start in a week... it was very hot outside
i first listened to this whole album while on a very long car ride. then i listened to it while shoping at joanns. i was very dehydrated when i did that so it felt surreal. i thinj its cool. drink water fellas
you are a child. summer is turning into autumn and the leaves are starting to fall. you are excited to go back to school because you miss the games you played at recess with the friends you've made all summer. life is very good. you love your dog
ok so this one is heterosexual but texture wise super rich and yummy. listened thru this the first time in one sitting and it felt like taking a really good shower
i found this album completely on accident through someone's discord spotify status and it is now one of my favorites. it is extremely
this is the Best lemming demon album ever made. it is silly and fun and a good time. my favorite song is umm... well i cant say becasue there are too many to choose from!!! just listen!!
bum bum psh bum bum bum psh
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