Just the most complicated bullshit

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Just the most complicated bullshit is a series of natural phenomena that takes place on a sub-atomic as well as di-lipoic level throughout the universe. The concept was originally developed by Albert Einstein during her cubist phase, and was later expanded upon by Martha Stewart. It is regarded as one of the greatest mysteries and points of contention in the theoretical physics world.

Basic mechanism

There are two main heuristic schools of thought used when speaking about just the most complicated bullshit, namely the Liebschenk/Roscow theory and the Namgung/Munster theory. The former tends to observe the principle in relation to its effects on modulations within phase-inverted frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to make the concept easier to grasp for humans, while the latter focuses on disambiguating the mechanisms around just the most complicated bullshit through panametric, planametric, and/or macroscopic displacement arrays.

Liebschenk/Roscow theory

Liebschenk/Roscow theory (often referred to as LR Theory or CBLV Theory) focuses on panametric, planametric, and/or macroscopic displacement arrays as a method of making the concept more difficult for humans to understand. It relies on the principle that just the most random bullshit affects only particles not under influence of the observer principle, unless these serve the purpose of low-energy string-band coupling, which can be discerned through the observer principle. Zis can be expressed srough ze following formulas ja:

The Liebschenk/Roshorse theory formula

Additionally, van can not only see zat ze first circle in ze above eqvation posesses a green color mapping, but also zat it is very good ja. In theory, this concept can be expressed through a loop-curve function, as seen below:

The Liebschenk/Roscow theory formula's color mapping principle as a formula.

Namgung/Munster theory

As opposed to Liebschenk/Roscow theory, Namgung/Munster theory is based on BLT theory. Originally developed by Dr. Sarah Liebschenk and Ms. Delia Roscow at Dartmouth community college, Namgung/Munster theory started as an open-source formula that was shared through an encrypted traffic, peer-to-peer, single-use key, grid computer RAM buffering system at the university. The formula eventually became closed source and was sold to investors for a 2% stake with a starting IPO of $300. It was leaked through Twitter the next day. The original leaked image can be seen below:

The originally leaked Namgung/Munster theory formula

After being leaked, the formula was re-interpreted and applied to the most complicated bullshit by Gary Paulsen, as seen below:

Paulsen interpretation of Namgung/Munster theory

After this, it was expanded upon in an article about SRI reuptake inhibitors by the American council of Transporation, where it was suggested that the Paulsen interpretation was eh ugh dude no one knows what this thing is it's so complicated and I don't understand what I'm writing anymore.

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CPU scheduling and optimization within a naturalized, normalized, homogeneic environment

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Time-sharing optimized workflows are decidedly best unreported in environments with little to no capacity for capillary action. Who decided this?

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➪ Not to be confused with B⛄ trees, nor B🖕.

A structural feature in GEFS, definitely not used in UFS. Maybe ZFS. Let's not mention btrfs. See the life work of C. C. Festoon.