By one of the tracks, you notice a large hole in the ground. Intrigued, you try to take a closer look and...
You trip and fall into the hole.

Luckily, it wasn't that deep. You didn't get hurt falling down here, but climbing out of the pit may prove troublesome. You really should've been more careful.
Having a look around, it seems like the hole was an entrance to some underground cave system.
You're feeling adventurous today, so you decide to explore.

The cave isn't completely dark. There's a light coming out from one of the corridors. You decide to go there, since the other paths are completely unlit.
The tunnel eventually opens up into a bedroom-sized cave, and you see...

The beast.

It is lounging in an old, torn armchair, with a lamp on the cave floor next to it. Somehow, there is an electric socket sticking out of one of the cave walls, into which the lamp is plugged in.
The beast seems to have been literally staring at the ceiling prior to noticing you.

"Welcome to my humble abode, stranger. Why don't I put on some music for you?"

The beast pulls out a CD player from behind its armchair and taps the "play" button with a claw.

"We may have met before... I often wander the stations above."
ascii art of the head of a beast. use link to skip.
 `.      ```` ` ` '`.
  '::                `,
    '          ,__.    `
    `        `<.0_`\    '.
     '::          ` "=,,  `"""""",9a,
        .                        ToY)
      ;         `"`"ww`w,w,,,,,,.yY
     .':,                \  \_____/
        ""` 'y, .<yjjjy"";\______,'
            . ;Y'
           , ;`
        ,; ,
        ` .
"So, what brings you here? Can I help you with anything?"
  • "Where do you hail from, beast?"

    "That is a secret for you to uncover."

  • "Where do I go from here?..."

    "All paths here lead to one place. The... l/a/b/y/r- No. I dare not speak of it."
    "You shall soon find out."

  • "Does the transit administration know about you?"

    "Little nosy, are we?"

  • "I want to go back home."
"You should be careful when wandering around this place. Something terrible could happen to you. I am far from the strangest thing here."