Welcome to my Gregsite!

Hello everyone. Greetings from Gregtown. I am Greg, you may have seen me from Greg RPG, and I have decided to make a Web site since Mail Man has a computer on his desk at the post office and I like to use it while he isn't looking. How funny is that!

This site may look a little bit ugly for now but I just started it and it will look better soon :-) Maybe I will ask Mail Man to make a Web page on here eventually! Ha!!!! Ha ha!!! Woo... I laughed so hard I think I may have peed a litle. :-)

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My favorite places in the town that I live in! :-)

My Diary

February 22

Today is February 22nd. Today I did not have much to do so I walked by the pond and fed the Ducks after working at the post office. Today Mail Man was kind of nice to me, it was strange. Maybe he found out about my Web site? I think that it would be very embarassing if he found about this. Especially if he found out that one of my favorite places is his house. He doesn't know that sometimes I watch him through his window at night.

I tried stealing from the grocery store again, but somehow none of the items that I stole actually worked, even when I found myself in a scuffle. (Those blades of grass kicked my butt the other day!) Maybe it is a futuristic sort of anti-theft technology? I did not even know that this town was that high-tech. So I had to, albeit ashamedly, return to the store and put the shoplifted items back.

I walked past that old wench's house again, and one of her cats chased me out of her property. Why do they only attack me? Last week me and Mail Man were walking past her house and her cats only went after me! It seems like I am a chosen one, or something! Haha!

That is all to say for today. I think I'll go spy on Mail Man again. The murder mystery show that he is watching currently is starting to get interesting. :-)

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