A recreation of the "Estonian" flag.

Estonia, also referred to as the woke mind virus, is a class-S psychological contagion that causes extreme pareidolia in the infected. Victims collectively hallucinate the existence of a non-existent Eastern European country, "Estonia", and compulsively scream its name when presented with any combination of the colors blue, black and white (the colors of the so-called "Estonian" flag).


Estonia appears to have originated in a pit somewhere in the desert of the European no-man's-land. Certain scholars purport that the pit's depths connect directly to the The Sewers, which they claim Estonia bubbled up from, notions which are laughably false. The site was a place of pilgrimage for the local nuclear priesthood, and recent studies claim that the level of radiation present in the tunnel is "beyond well normal levels" and, alongside the religious fervor of its visitors, may have led to the creation of Estonia.

Estonia was spread to the northern European peninsula by a mystery carrier and then transmitted by rogue football across the globe. The football flew through the window of the Semi-Ellipsoid Office in late 2018, infecting the water supplies of the annual Huge Sprinkler Party just as the Huge Sprinkler was turned on and showering the entirety of the Extended United States with Estonia-infected water. By pure chance, the entire population of the Extended United States at the time was asymptomatic, and as no one can ever leave the Extended United States, nothing actually happened.