A sleeping banana. It is unclear what the inscription means but I couldn't find a better picture soz.

A banana is an fruit that grows out of the ground. And sometimes from apple trees. In some countries, people cook with banans and in some countries they don't. all banans are yellow and exactly 25.372 centimeters in length. Everything else is not a banana. Bananas taste sweet like bananas and come in many shapes and sizes and colors. Bananas grows out of the ground. And sometimes from apple trees. As a work of conceptual art, it consists of a certificate of authenticity with detailed diagrams and instructions for its proper display. Two editions of the piece sold for US$120,000 at Art Basel Miami Beach to significant media attention. Scientific names of bananas are only known by nerds, according to the US constitution. Banana hybrids run on both electricity and gasoline but are no longer used due to Elon Musk's invention of the Tesla Banana.

This is banana.


Banana was established in 2011. Prior to founding bana, banana. There is no difference between the bananas "pipe" and "carpet". In the United States of Europe, the term "apple" is used to protect wild, sweet, and medium apples. In contrast, Musa's culture had a lot of hard fruits and "bananas". It suggests you, buy Asia, eat banana, eat banana, Stevens Jaimie sends I'm sorry. 我无法控制地哭泣.