The Chorus

The Chorus at a concert in Tiflis, Iverya.

The Chorus is a all-transgender theater-band who made their debut in 2023. Following the release of their first recorded album "Public, Trans It!", which garnered overwhelming critical acclaim, they have been working on their second project, "Transit Pandemonium". They are significant for the founding of the theater-band, which combines modern music with the art of theater, as well as apparently existing for as far back as anyone can remember.

Their motto up until April of 1564 was "All the world's a stage!", at which point it was changed to "Speak strangely and carry an incomprehensible stick. Welcome to Night Vale." because of an apparent copyright issue.


The band's members have come and gone over its lifespan, leading to it being described as a "living unity" by some. The band's current main members include:

Style and notable work

The Chorus construct and direct elaborate plays around their music, which are always performed in dusty, unused theaters. The Chorus themselves perform in masks and cloaks, singing in collective voice and commenting on the events of the play around them. They cite the ancient Greek chorus as an inspiration for their style. Nobody really knows what a "Greek" or a "chorus" is, but we nod along like we understand anyway.

"Transit Pandemonium" is the Chorus's epic of technically infinite duration, which is being performed at the Goober Theater, has been being performed at the Goober Theater, and will forever be being performed at the Goober Theater. Unfortunately, no one has ever been able to actually locate the Goober Theater. When asked about the nature of their signature epic, band member Calico laughed, "Well, it's a bit hard to explain, but, like... have you heard of Pathologic?"